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Car Insurance Accident Claim In Kenya – Ben’s Story

The Joy of an Honored Car Insurance Accident Claim-Ben’s Story

Car Insurance Accident Claim In Kenya – Ben’s Story

Car Insurance Accident Claim In Kenya – Ben’s Story
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The day everyone with a car insurance in kenya dreads is the day when an accident happens, and its clear the insurance company must get involved. This happened to Ben. There was that tense moment where the uncertainty of whether his insurer would honor his claim, and then there was the terrible fright he was dealing with. His car, a popular model on Kenyan roads, had caught fire spontaneously.

The Joy of an Honored Car Insurance Accident Claim

He was driving along Uhuru Highway, and was looking forward to get home after a tough day of work. The car was driving just fine, and as he settled into highway speeds he saw drivers from other cars waving frantically at him.

As he was trying to understand what they were about, a sudden gust of smoke filled the driver’s cabin through the air vents. For a minute, he wasn’t sure what was going on until he noticed flames coming out of his bonnet, and thick plumes of black smoke gathering.

In the 30 seconds or so between when he first smelt the smoke and when he saw the fire, he saw his life flash past him, and for a moment he thought this was the last of his days.

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The car mercifully came to a halt near a petrol station. Lucky for him the brake system had not failed. He popped the hood and as he was still scrambling to find an extinguisher, petrol station attendants from a nearby shell petrol station arrived with their larger extinguishers and put of the flames.

Ben called in his broker and soon the car was towed to an approved garage awaiting assessment. The assessors determined that the car was repairable and went on to recommend that the insurance company pays for the repairs. The next day, as per his policy, he was given a courtesy car, which he could use for thirty days as he sorted out his issues.

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Ben is one of those people whose Car Insurance Accident Claim story ended well. He had a responsive insurer who showed up for him when he needed help. This isn’t always the case. Some people have horror stories of being abandoned at their hour of need. Fault, as is the case, can fall on either side.

In cases like Ben’s, you can’t help but feel the relief that he felt when his insurer took up the matter and took his troubles off his back. It is indeed a joyful experience to have one’s policy honored, especially at that hour of need.

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