Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya - 4 Things You Must Know
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4 Things You Must Know About Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya

4 Things You Must Know About Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya

4 Things You Must Know About Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya
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Have you ever wondered why Kenya car insurance usually issue a little sticker to display on your windshield?

The sticker is one of the oddities of car insurance in Kenya. You see, the system in Kenya is the motor insurance policy covers the vehicle.

In some countries, the insurance policies are issued to individual drivers, and not motor vehicles. The little sticker is actually a very important component of your relationship with the insurance company.

We have picked out four key things that you need to know about it, and why  its important for you to handle it with care

UPDATE: NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) has introduced a Third License Sticker that will be mandatory for newly registered vehicles, both new and used, from July 1st 2017.The sticker will cost Ksh. 700. Application for the sticker will be on the NTSA TIMS website.

It is called an insurance policy certificate

Yes! That sticker is a certificate. In Kenyan laws, the NTSA sticker you put in your windshield is called an insurance certificate and it has been made mandatory in kenya. It is proof that you have an enforceable policy with an insurance company, hence your car is streel legal.

Unlike other certificates issues by statutory bodies, this one is very small and has just a few critical details that make it possible for a traffic officer or any other interested person to know whether or not you are insured.

The critical information it usually contains includes the date of issues, the date of expiry, type of cover (comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party), and you insurance policy number.

You must display it on the left front of your car

Traffic laws in Kenya requires you to display the insurance certificate on your car. The law also prescribes where you should display it. The insurance certificate should be displayed on the front left of the car where it can be inspected by someone standing on the front of the car or on the front left of it.

These options exist because of difference in vehicle design. Busses and lorries may find it preferable to display the certificate on the front left side windows, while for small cars, this is not an option. The take away here is that its not your decision where you display the sticker, It’s the government’s decision.

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It must be current

A current car insurance certificate has an expiry date later than today. It is illegal to drive a car that does not have a current motor insurance cover, evidenced by a current motor insurance certificate.

In this regard, you need to always ensure you are displaying the latest car insurance certificate. Some drivers forget to switch the certificate after taking a new policy, or if they have an updated sticker in case where they pay for policies in instalments.

Fake ones exist

Finally, remember that fake motor insurance certificates exist. You see, some people learnt that all a policemen will look at is whether the car has an insurance certificate, and they do not usually check to see whether there a policy in place to back the certificate.

As such, some people make fake certificates to dupe law enforcement. Some unscrupulous agents may also give you a fake certificate if they want to pocket the premium rather than  pay the insurance company. This leaves you exposed since there is no valid policy to back the certificate.

If you buy your insurance through third parties, find out from the insurance company whether the sticker issued is valid. Some of them have a USSD code, or an sms notification system to help with this.

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