Domestic Package Insurance Cover Kenya - List Of Items Covered
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Domestic Package Insurance Cover Kenya – List Of Items Covered

Domestic Package Insurance Cover Kenya – List Of Items Covered

Domestic Package Insurance Cover Kenya – List Of Items Covered
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Does the name “Domestic Package Insurance” sounds rather boring to you? You are not alone. It seems whoever gives insurance policies names had gone on leave when they named this one.

You would have thought they would have come up with better sounding names like homeowner insurance or so. However, don’t let this rather drab sounding name to deter you from the goodies the policy can offer you, whether you are a home owner, or currently rents the house you live in.

You see, Domestic Package Insurance cover can be taken not just by those who own the houses they live in, but also those who are .

What Does Domestic Package Insurance in Kenya Covers?

domestic package insurance cover kenya


1.. Accidental loss or damage to residential house

Your domestic insurance will protect you from liability in the event that your house is lost or damaged accidentally. Many companies take great care to define what constitutes accidental damage, and generally exclude any activities against the house or the area resulting from legal proceedings, (such as a court order to demolish the house).

The list of accepted accidents is long and usually includes accidents emanating from inside the house (such as fires resulting from internal explosions) to external ones such as a car, bird, or plane hitting your house.

2..Accidental loss or damage to contents of a residential house

damage residential house

Accidental loss or damage to contents includes anything that may lead to destruction of the property inside the house.

The policy usually includes furniture and electronics, but excludes cash, and documents. Many policies will also protect you against the accidental loss of your handheld devices such as phones, laptops etc, and also loss of personal jewelry

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3..Malicious damage or destruction of your house

You house may become the victim of malicious damage from targeted or generalized destruction. For instance, rioters or protestors may pelt your house with stones for no specific reason, or for the very reason that it is you house.

Your house may also suffer from damages arising from bullets or tear gas canisters fired by law enforcement officers. Your insurance cover will protect you from and liabilities arising from these activities

4..Personal liability (and that of household members)

The domestic package also provides liability protection for members of your household against damages they may cause while inside your house.

The insurance company will not fail to settle your claim because one of your children accidentally set the house on fire.

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5..WIBA for domestic workers (death, injury, or illness)

The current policies in the market also provide benefits to your domestic workers as laid out in the Work Injuries and Benefits Act(WIBA Kenya).

These benefits include compensation in case your domestic workers are injured, fall ill or dies under circumstances directly related to their work in your home.

6..Pet insurance

A domestic package may also include compensation for your pet should they be involved in an accident within your premises. However, damages caused by pets are not always covered by this policy

7..Municipal charges (fire, ambulance, reconstruction permits)

Domestic package insurance kenya also provides liability protection from municipal charges related to repairs of your house after accidental damage.

This includes compensation for reconstruction and inspection permits a municipality may levy. In addition, the cover will meet the cost of fire engine services or ambulatory services should these be required immediately following accidental damage to your house.

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