9 Reasons You Should Drive Slow To Avoid Car Accident In Kenya
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9 Reasons You Should Drive Slow To Avoid Car Accident In Kenya

drive slow avoid car accident kenya

9 Reasons You Should Drive Slow To Avoid Car Accident In Kenya

9 Reasons You Should Drive Slow To Avoid Car Accident In Kenya
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By law, all pickups, lorries, trailers and public service vehicles have a speed limit of 80Kph in Kenya. This speed is thought to be safe enough for these types of vehicles.

While most drivers of private vehicles are only limited by upper speed limits found on our highways (Usually 100 kph), is it possible that driving at 80Kph Maximum speed would yield certain benefits for you?

Here are 10 reasons you need to consider driving slow in order to prevent road accident in kenya.

  1.       You will Brake Faster

This is simple Physics. The faster you are driving, the longer the distance you need to stop, driving at lower speeds reduces your braking distance requirements and also reduces the braking time.

Therefore, someone driving at 100kph will need a longer braking distance compare to someone driving at 80Kph.

The ability to stop the car quicker can be the difference between avoiding an accident entirely, and being involved in a very serious incident.

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  1.       You will increase your Odds of surviving an accident

Should you be involved in an accident, whether it’s a collision with another car, or a tree, or whether it’s a tire burst, driving at 80Kph instead of 100 Kph reduces the risk of serious injury.

The slower your speed, the lower the injuries you will deal with. On another note, when you apply emergency brakes, your body, and your passengers will continue to move at your original speed hence the need to belts.

Their speeds are obviously higher at 100kph, meaning that if they hit anything is the belts were not in use, the impact is 20% larger than it would have been at 80 Kph.

  1.       You will reduce the Odds of fatally injuring other Road Users

Driving at 80Kph also reduces the odds of fatally injuring other road users. At this speed, the actions you take to avoid an accident are more effective.

The slower speed and the ability to brake more effectively makes it a lot easier for you to avoid serious injuries to other road users.

You also have a better chance of taking effective evasive action should that option be available. For instance, you can safely break, swerve, or turn while still in control of the car at 80 Kph as compared to 100 Kph.

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  1.       You are less likely to Roll

At 80Kph, your car is less likely to roll when you are faced with an accident. Whether you are dealing with a tire burst, loss of control, or a slippery road, a higher speed only guarantees that your car will skid or flip, and end up with serious and expensive damages.

While it is not a guarantee that your car will not flip and overturn because you are driving at 80Kph, the risk reduces by driving at this lower speed.

  1.       Your car will Consume lesser fuel

The most fuel efficient speed for your car is somewhere between 80Kph to 95Kph. As your speed increases past this range, the air resistance on your car becomes larger and hence you need more power to increase your speed.

This is why the fuel efficiency of cars increases very fast past 100Kph. Driving at 80Kph ensures that your car gets maximum power from your engine, while experiencing the least air resistance. This translates to a higher efficiency.

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  1.       Your Ride will be Smoother

One of the causes of vibrations while driving is having unbalanced wheels. An unbalanced tire has one part heavier that the rest, so as it rotates at high speed, that part pulls the rest of the wheel in its direction, causing vibrations.

It is a lot like how you mobile phone vibrates. Your phone has a small motor with an off-center weighted spinner.

This effect is hardly noticeable below 50Kph, but becomes more severe as you cross the 80kph mark. If you notice a vibration on your car at these speeds, just slow down, until you can have your tire balanced.

  1.       You will enjoy Insurance no-claims discount

An off shoot benefit of driving slower is that you will make fewer claims on your car insurance in kenya, which in turn will increase your bargaining power when it comes to accessing insurance.

Your insurance company will be motivated to give you a no-claims discount since you will not need to make claims. Another insurance benefit that you will enjoy in the future is that you are likely to commit fewer driving offences when driving at a lower speed.

Your electronic driving records, which the NTSA will make available to car insurance companies in kenya and your employer, will indicate that you are a low risk person, hence you will get preferential policy pricing.

  1.       You will have Lower Levels of Fatigue

While one of the motives for driving fast is to get there and get some rest, the reality is that driving fast requires more concentration.

The energy you need to concentrate and the near misses you will have, will lead to the build-up of adrenaline in your system. The more adrenaline you have the higher the levels of fatigue you will deal with once you arrive at your destination.

The key to arriving relaxed is driving relaxed. You are more relaxed when driving at 80Kph than you are when driving at 100Kph. An anyway, do you know that for every 100Km you drive at 100Kph, you only gain 15 minutes compared to someone who drives the same distance at 80Kph?

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  1.       You will Lower your stress levels

When you are speeding, other drivers will not care much. In fact, if you adopt risky maneuvering, then you are likely to earn their wrath. You will also be honking and flashing your headlights as you ask them to give you way. These activities all lead to higher stress levels.

Lets not say anything about being involved in an accident, or the constant worry you will be dealing with as you go through near misses on the road. We haven’t even added the risk of being arrested for speeding by the traffic police or the NTSA! Slow down and enjoy lower stress levels.

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