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Easter Preps – Is Your Car Insurance up to Date?

Easter Preps care insurance

Easter Preps – Is Your Car Insurance up to Date?

Easter Preps – Is Your Car Insurance up to Date?
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Is your car insurance up to date?

We just wanted to give you a little flash to remind you that you need to be insurance ready before Kenya’s first major holiday break since Christmas. That’s four day of the holiday. If you are like most of us, you must be thinking about how you will spend the four days of Easter, and there is a chance you will be doing some traveling. Here are few things you need to note.

1. Being Arrested over Easter is not an option

The Easter weekend is a rather long one. If a cop decided he was taking you “in”, you could remain there till Tuesday next week! Yap, the courts are also going for the Easter break and won’t be keen to hear about your issues before Tuesday. The government isn’t known for its hospitality to potential lawbreakers and that’s why being arrested during this Easter break is an absolute no-no

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2. Insurance running out during Esther is not an option

The second thing that can absolutely ruin your plans this Esther is running out of insurance somewhere during the coming four days. That would really ruin the fun wouldn’t it? If your insurance usually expires around now, please check whether your Easter is covered. It really would be bad to realize halfway through Esther that your cover will not take you through

3. Driving without valid insurance for your car is not an option

There is the temptation to drive without insurance. This is one of those things you must resist with everything in you. While it is possible to get away with it, especially within city limits, be assured that the chances of being caught increase exponentially during breaks such as Easter because of the increased vigilance by traffic police. Even during normal days, driving without insurance, quite apart from being caught by law enforcement, is simply putting too much at risk. You could lose your car in an accident, or to car thieves without recourse. Our advice – don’t do it.

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4. Afterword

This Easter, we want to put money back into your pockets. If you buy your car insurance today or tomorrow through our agency, you will get back Kshs 2000 Free as a gift from insureafrika. The only condition we have is that your policy should be more than Kshs 30,000.

If you buy more than one policy each being more than thirty thousand, we will multiply the money as many times as the policies you buy. Click here to see more details about car insurance kenya on our website.