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Grab This Free Cash Benefit From Your Insurer

Grab This Free Cash Benefit From Your Insurer

Grab This Free Cash Benefit From Your Insurer
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‎Have you ever wondered whether there is a way you can get back some of the money you have been paying to your insurer?

The thing with insurance is that you spend money on something you may never need, and then you have no way of going back to get your money.

At insureafrika, we have made it our goal to make insurance as affordable to you as possible. We want you to know where to find the best insurance deals in Kenya at any one time.

That’s why we came up with this offer that literally puts money back into your pocket for you to spend as you wish. Here are some of the details

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Who is giving the Free Money?

That would be insureafrika. But really it is your money we are giving back to you. If you spend money on an insurance premium worth thirty thousand bob or more through our agency, you will qualify for a free cash back.

This offer gives you a once in a lifetime chance to claw back some of your premiums from your insurer.

What do I need to do to get the Free Money?

There is nothing special about what you need to do. Just buy insurance through our agency, any class of insurance. You can still get the same policy you have from your preferred insurer; all you must do is to buy it through us.

Once you conclude the process of buying the policy, we will contact you to discuss how to give you your prize money. It is that simple.

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How do I get the Free Money?

The free cash will be given to you through a pre-loaded Nakumatt Smart Card, powered by DTB. We will require you to fill out the usual forms associated with getting the smart card, but you will not pay for the card. We have that covered.

Once you complete this process, we will then send you your card. You can spend the money anywhere that VISA cards are accepted. This includes Supermarkets, petrol stations, convenience stores and even your church, mosque or temple (if they allow you to swipe, that is).

Don’t delay. Once we deplete our cash prizes, the offer will lapse. Go to our website now and get buying. That way, you will have the chance to claw back some of your premiums from your insurer. You can start here.

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