How To Select A Funeral Insurance Cover in Kenya? -
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How To Select A Funeral Insurance Cover in Kenya?


How To Select A Funeral Insurance Cover in Kenya?

How To Select A Funeral Insurance Cover in Kenya?
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Planning for your own funeral is considered a taboo in many parts of Africa. Many people believe that such a move is tantamount to daring death. This mindset can be very limiting especially when it comes to thinking about taking out a funeral insurance policy.

A funeral insurance policy can be the best gift you give to your family in the event that you are no longer around due to eternal commitments. In this article, we explore various ways to select a funeral insurance cover.

Assess the prevailing Costs of a Funeral

The first step in selecting a fitting funeral cover for your family’s needs is to assess the real cost of planning for a funeral. The mandatory costs that all funerals handle include cost of the casket, transport, and hiring a hearse.

These costs vary widely and usually are determined by various factors such as distance to the burial (or cremation) location, morgue fees, the ceremonies to be held (e.g a requiem mass, cultural rites etc), among others. You can get estimates for some of these costs from online commerce platforms line OLX for the purposes of your computations.

Doing these computations gives you a sense of what it will cost for you to give your loved ones a decent send off, or in your case, the burden you will leave behind. This step is crucial  because it makes it possible for you to get a strong sense of the size of cover you will need  to buy.

Collect quotes from different providers

The second step in selecting a funeral insurance cover is to request for quotes from different funeral insurance companies in kenya in order to compare their products and their costs.

Some of the companies and businesses that offer funeral insurance include Britam, panafrica life assurance, UAP, and Umash among others. This step is extremely important if you want to buy the most cost effective policy for your needs.

At insureafrika, we have developed a system that enables you to compare quotes in real time, and also gives you a ranked list. Tyr out our online quoting system by filling in the funeral insurance form available on our website

Make a choice

Once you have made up your mind regarding which policy you want to use, make your decision, and contact the company to start the process. If you had chosen to us our services, we will also take care of this part for you.

We have relationships with all the insurance companies listed on our site that make it very easy for you to buy a funeral insurance policy. You will simply fill our online forms, and then make the necessary payments using MPesa, VISA or via bank transfer, and then we will process for youe policy documents.

Every time you defer taking a funeral cover, you miss an opportunity to give your loves ones a decent send off. Don’t let your family deal with unnecessary pain when there is something very easy you can do about it.

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