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9 Most Common Reasons for an Insurance Claim Denied

Insurance Claim Denied

9 Most Common Reasons for an Insurance Claim Denied

9 Most Common Reasons for an Insurance Claim Denied
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“I’m very sorry. We are not able to honor your claim”.  

When your insurer turns on you, the line you just read would make for a great epitaph for your policy once its pronounced dead by your insurer. The disappointment can be great.

For most people, insurance is the Plan B should things go south, and usually there is no Plan C. We understand that pain, and that why we want to give you a list of things that can kill your insurance policies, and lead to their death even before you make a successful car insurance claim in kenya.

Inaccuracies in your proposal forms

Whatever class of insurance you are buying, you are always expected to provide the correct information to your insurer. If you provide incorrect information, then you risk experiencing the pain of a claim denied.

Undeclared modifications

Whenever you carry out material modifications on your car, or house, you risk losing your insurance if you do not declare this modification. It is usually too late to tell your insurer that you made changes to your property when making a claim. That’s sufficient grounds for the company to kill your claim.

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Ignoring Valuation

Its critical for you to ensure that your car or property is values possibly annually to ensure you have a fair valuation of the items you have insured. The problem is that if your car (or house) has not been valued recently, your insurer will use mathematical models for depreciation and may end up paying you much less than what the actual value of the property. This can also be no value at all.

Making Fraudulent Claims

Any hint that your claim is fraudulent will attract thorough investigations from your insurer, and if proved, you are on your own! Our advice, don’t do it.  

Overshooting Your Limits

Your claim can be denied if you overshoot your policy limits. It is pretty straight forward. Overshooting your limits means you are asking for more than you paid for. This is very common with health insurance claims.

Unpaid Premiums

If you have any pending premiums on your current policy, then you cannot make a successful claim on it. Even though your insurer may be lenient to you and allow you time to pay up, don’t think you can get any claims settled before the policy is fully paid up.

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If your claim is lower than the excess limit for your class of insurance, then once more, you are on your own. Always note how much excess is tied to your policy and if you don’t like it, then get an excess protector

Own Damage

Another way you can quickly lose your claim is when you deliberately cause the “accident” for which you are insured. If you knowingly set your car on fire, drive into a wall, pull down your ceiling etc, your policy simply doesn’t cover that.

Wear and Tear

You cant bill your insurer for wear and tear. If your car stalls because you haven’t been servicing it, that not something that you can get compensated for. Be meticulous with your maintenance to ensure you don’t end up with a problem when you make claims

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