Get Paid For Buying Insurance In Kenya -
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It’s Time For Payback!

Payback insurance

It’s Time For Payback!

It’s Time For Payback!
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Get paid for buying Insurance in kenya

Today we are angry. We are angry because of everything you have done for your insurer and you have never received anything back! We are so angry that we have decided to take matters into our own hands.

Insureafrika is declaring today that its time for payback.

  • Its time you got paid back for your loyalty
  • Its time you got paid back for being a law abiding citizen-always buying insurance
  • Its time you got paid back not because you made a claim, but because you bought insurance
  • Its time you got paid back because you will continue to buy insurance for many years to come
  • Its time you got paid pack because without you, there is no insurance industry

And yet, no one has realized this yet. We have dug deep into our pockets and we have decided that for a period we will pay back everyone who spends more than Kshs 30000 on insurance through our agency. We will take Kshs 2000 and put it right back into their pockets.

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If you are angry like us, angry at how much you have spent on insurance over the years and you have not seen a single benefit trickle back to your pockets, then grab this opportunity to get some payback.

You may have a long-standing relationship with your insurer and you don’t want to mess that. That’s ok, please maintain it. Just buy the same policy, but this time, use our agency.

You may be buying insurance for the first time and you don’t quite understand what this anger we have is all about. That’s ok too. Just compare insurance quotes in kenya through our agency and get some of your money back

If you want to get some pay back from your policy, here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do it. Our offer stands for only a short while. Please don’t get locked out. Get on the phone now and call us, send us an email now, or simply go to our website and buy the policy from there.

What are you still waiting for?

An accident? 

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