Benefits Of Buying Insurance Policy In Kenya From InsureAfrika
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Your Premium Refund Benefits Are Waiting At InsureAfrika

Your Premium Refund and More Benefits

Your Premium Refund Benefits Are Waiting At InsureAfrika

Your Premium Refund Benefits Are Waiting At InsureAfrika
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Ok, it is not exactly a refund we are talking about. It a cashback. It is still great anyway because you get to go home with something more than just the policy documents. For the last one month or so Insureafrika has been giving back money for every premium paid worth Kshs 30, 000 or more. The offer is still open but could be closed anytime now and that’s why you need to read this.

This is what you get on buying insurance policy from InsureAfrika

Everytime you buy an insurance policy through insureafrika you get several benefits.

First, you are absolutely sure that you are getting the best insurance deals available in Kenya from leading insurance companies.

When you come to us to buy insurance, we use out quote generator to find the best and cheapest insurance quote to meet your needs. This way, you can be sure that you are not paying a shilling more than you should. You can try out our system right now.

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Simply fill the relevant insurance form and get going


The second benefit you will get is a return on your time.

Do you know how long it will take to get these quotes, less time that it takes to read this article. If you value you time, then you are in luck. You can be sure that the rates you will get are the best and you will have them in record time. Don’t wait. Go over to our website not and buy save time on your insurance shopping.

Thirdly, you will have the chance to enjoy a free refund on your premium of Kshs 2000.

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We are currently running a time limited offer where we are giving back everyone who purchases insurance from us Kshs 2000 for every policy they buy worth Kshs 30,000 or less. This is free money just waiting to be claimed. This benefit will run out as soon as we exhaust our cashback account. There is only one way of ensuring you get this refund, and that’s by buying your policy today.

If you have never had the chance to make a claim against your policy, here is a chance to give it a try. This time, you will get compensated not for accidents and the like, but just buying an insurance policy. We assure you that you will enjoy the feeling of getting Kshs 2000 Free for your policy, the only benefit you are likely to enjoy if you do not make a claim this year.

To get started, just visit our website to compare insurance rates in kenya and proceed to buy a policy

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