What Does Professional Indemnity Insurance Kenya Means?
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What Is Professional Indemnity Or Professional Liability Insurance In Kenya?


What Is Professional Indemnity Or Professional Liability Insurance In Kenya?

What Is Professional Indemnity Or Professional Liability Insurance In Kenya?
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In the recent months, a lot has been happening in Nairobi to mitigate the risk of building collapsing. The number of collapsed buildings has increased in number in the city in the last few years. Most of the collapses are attributed to poor workmanship, poor quality construction materials and overlooking building codes.

Some of the collapses have also been attributed to construction on soils that cannot support the size of buildings put on them. When buildings collapse, the focus is usually on the owner of the building.

There are several cases in Kenyan courts such as #hurumabuilding where owners of buildings have been charged with negligence, manslaughter, overlooking construction legalities among others.

One of the key questions that remain unanswered is the role played by construction professionals in these projects. While much of the effort has been concentrated on the owners of the collapsed buildings, it is important to note that the owners are not necessarily responsible for the day to day decision making at the construction sites.

Some of them choose to hire construction firms to handle the project on their behalf. When this happens, the professionals would be responsible for any collapse because they are making all the critical decisions regarding the project.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance Kenya

Definition Of “Professional Indemnity” – Professional indemnity also referred to as professional liability insurance or PI insurance is an insurance policy that makes it possible for a professional to concentrate on their work despite the risks involved.

In all sectors, professionals with a professional indemnity insurance policy are better placed to service the needs of their clients because they don’t work under the fear that if something goes wrong they will be held responsible for it.

In the case of a collapsed building, the causes of collapse can be numerous. Some of these causes are not related to workmanship or quality of materials. In some of these cases, a professional indemnity clause makes it possible for professionals to absorb risks they cannot anticipate and hence they are better placed to effectively serve their clients.

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