How To Spot A Fake Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya? -
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How To Spot A Fake Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya?

Fake Car Insurance Sticker kenya

How To Spot A Fake Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya?

How To Spot A Fake Car Insurance Sticker In Kenya?
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The insurance sticker issued to car owners is sometimes the only proof available of an existing car insurance policy cover for the car. Usually, the presence of this sticker is the only way law enforcement officers can tell whether a car is correctly insured.

It is easy to see why some unscrupulous people make fake ones. As a car owner, you may be duped into displaying a fake sticker especially if you buy your car insurance through third parties.

In this article, we look at some of the ways you can spot a fake car insurance sticker and tell if your car insurance sticker is genuine, and has an actual policy to back it.

Check For Genuine Car Insurance Stricker

Inspect the security features

This is the quickest way to tell whether your car insurance certificate in genuine. Car insurance stickers come with some security features, which are hard to counterfeit. The most common one is a security hologram or a scratch-able area that reveals the word “valid”.

You could also check the certificate against a previous one you know to be valid to check for any discrepancies. Your insurer may also have other security features on their stickers so, find out what they are and verify

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Send an SMS to the insurance company

In recent times, some companies have come up with an SMS code for verifying the validity of an insurance certificate. All you need to do is to send the policy number on the certificate to a prescribed number and you will get a confirmation message as to whether the policy  is valid.

This is a more secure way of telling whether you have a valid policy from an insurance company. We recommend that all car owners who buy their insurance through third parties to always confirm the validity of their car insurance certificates using this method, if their insurer provides such a service

Contact the insurance company

You also have the option of contacting the car insurance company using any of their contacts to help verify whether your insurance certificate is genuine.

As we have continually pointed out, the validity of sticker depends on whether there is an enforceable policy backing it. Call, text, email or SMS you insurance provider if you have received the certificate through third parties to ensure your car is properly covered.

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Ask for the relevant Policy document

Finally, always remember to ask your broker, agent or any other person involved for the policy document. While it may be easy to produce a counterfeit car insurance certificate, producing a counterfeit policy document is too involving and incriminating.

It is likely that no policy document will be in existence to back a fake certificate. Asking for it will also make you a less likely victim of insurance fraud committed by unscrupulous agents.

As a car owner, your investment is nor secure if you do not have a valid car insurance policy. You need to ensure that you are properly covered to avoid losses that may arise from fraudulent car insurance policy certificates.

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