7 Tips To Make A Successful Car Insurance Claim in Kenya
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7 Tips To Make A Successful Car Insurance Claim In Kenya

7 Tips To Make A Successful Car Insurance Claim In Kenya

7 Tips To Make A Successful Car Insurance Claim In Kenya
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One part of the most dreaded processes of car insurance in kenya is the claims process. This is because we tend to hear about the problems associated with the process more than the satisfaction experienced by policyholders who have made successful claims.

Insurance companies owe it to themselves to ensure that the claims are in order and are correct partly because of the risk of fraud. It therefore helps to understand how the insurance claims process works. Here are some of the main stages you will go through if you ever need to make a successful car insurance claim against your policy. Take these right steps to prepare and file the insurance claim.

Report the Incident to the Police

The first thing you need to do is to make a police report regarding the incident that led to the need for you to make a claim. Whether it’s a road accident, a burglary, or loss of property, a police report would be what you need to proceed with the formal filing of the claim.

If you are in a place where law enforcement is hard to come by, then take photos and gather any information or material you think will help demonstrate your case. In any case, talk to your agent about the situation before leaving the scene. It is critical to preserve the scene in some way for the police to use to make their reports.

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Report the incident to your insurance company

In tandem with the police report, also report the matter to your insurer. In fact, most insurers usually ask you not to admit liability whenever you are involved in an accident. Instead, they prefer that you contact them. The point is that by buying insurance, you transfer liability to the insurance company.

Therefore, you need to bring the insurance company into the situation as soon as possible because you have delegated your liabilities to them. The insurance company will also need to collect its own information for use in their claims assessment process and to determine whether there is need for an investigation into the event.

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Download and fill the claim form

The third step you need to complete is to fill the insurance claim form. Most insurance companies currently have the claim forms in their websites. You can also find insurance claim forms online from our website.

This means that all you will need to do is to download and fill the claim form. Once you have filled it, send it to the insurance company for processing. Always make sure you have included all relevant facts and that you have attached any documentary evidence to support your claim.

Ask your agent to go through the form with you just to ensure that you have done it right before submitting the claim form.

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Cooperate with the Investigators

After this process, the car insurance company may assign investigators to verify the facts you provided. In this case, cooperate with them because their role is to ascertain the truth, and not to find problems with your car insurance claim.

If your claim is genuine, their report would be invaluable for you since it will support your claim. On the other hand, if you do not offer them the support they need, you can only arouse suspicion in regards to the sincerity of your claim and you may end up jeopardizing your chances of getting compensation.

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