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Interesting Ways to Put Insurance Money Back into Your Pocket

Ways to Put Insurance Money Back into Your Pocket

Interesting Ways to Put Insurance Money Back into Your Pocket

Interesting Ways to Put Insurance Money Back into Your Pocket
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What first comes to your mind when you think of insurance? For many people that would be the premiums they need to pay. The thing is, most people interact with their insurer only when their premiums fall due, and in this way, insurance may start to feel like a tax, something you cannot run away from. Here’s some good news. There are ways, legal ones, that you can use to put back some of that insurance money into your pocket. Here are some hints

Never pay for more than your needs

Think of insurance just like how you approach your shoe shopping. You don’t want to buy small shoes. They will pinch, and in no time, you will need another pair. On the other hand, you also don’t want to buy large shoes. You will not experience the joy of walking in those shoes. You want to buy a size that fits just right. In insurance, you need to buy insurance that just matches your needs. Buying excessive insurance doesn’t give you more, it only takes more. What we always advice is for you to buy insurance that fits your needs just right.

Always compare quotes

The second thing you need to make peace with is that unless you compare quotes, you are not going to get the best deal in the market. This is pretty simple to say, and now, thanks to insureafrika, it also takes nearly zero effort to get the best quotes from leading insurance companies in Kenya. Our quote generation system works in real time and in about a minute, you can have a list of quotes from leading insurance companies in Kenya. When you compare quotes, you can easily see how to save a few thousand bob per policy simply by picking the best insurance company to work with.

Get cash back from Insureafrika

For a limited time, you will be able to get back Kshs 2000 for every policy you buy through insureafrika worth Kshs 30,000 or more. The process is very simple. Simply buy insurance through our agents based at insureafrika and then claim Kshs 2000 cash back. The money has been preloaded in a Nakumatt Global Smartcard and can be spent in any place where visa cards are accepted. If you already have the card, we will simply top it up for you with Kshs 2000, which you can then spend as you wish. This is a time-limited way of putting some of your premiums back into your pocket. Please hurry and take advantage.

These three ways, used together or separately, can help you reduce how much you are currently spending on insurance. If you need help prioritizing you insurance needs, then call us now and talk to one of our agents on 0800 721 200 [No charge on you]. You can also compare quotes easily on our website for all classes of insurance. To access the cash back offer, visit our website for further information.