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How To Get The Best WIBA Insurance Quotes In Kenya?

Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA)

How To Get The Best WIBA Insurance Quotes In Kenya?

How To Get The Best WIBA Insurance Quotes In Kenya?
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The Work Injuries Benefits Act (WIBA) came into force in 2007. It key role was to ensure that if someone got injured while at work, then they would be compensated by their employers.

The act was seeking to stem the tide of employees who lose their livelihoods because of injuries resulting from their work. The reasoning here was that employers should bear the burden of injuries their workers get when working.

Insurance companies responded by developing a special WIBA policy (WIBA insurance in Kenya) also known as employers liability insurance. From an insurance angle, WIBA presented an insurable risk to companies that could  be underwritten.

The insurance companies developed a WIBA policy that now make it possible for employers to shed off the risks associated with a demand for compensation by injured employees. Here are some ways employers can get competitive quotes for their WIBA needs.

WIBA insurance quotes kenya

Work Injury Benefit Act – WIBA Insurance Kenya

The Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA)/Employers Liability Insurance is a cover in Kenya that is meant to cover employers from liabilities that may arise due to accidents that occur at the workplace involving employees.

This policy takes care of the cost of treatment, hospitalization, or rehabilitation that a company may be required to incur in the event an employee is involved in an accident at the place of work.

The main difference between WIBA and a personal accident cover is that WIBA is only in effect at the work place.

Speak to an Insurance Agent

One of the easiest ways of getting great quotes from insurance companies is to speak to insurance agents. Insurance agents spend lots of time comparing quotes from different carriers and over time, they have expert knowledge on where to get the best quotes.

The downside of relying on insurance agents or brokers is that they make more money when they sell products that are more expensive.

They therefore are not motivated to get you the best deals. You therefore need to be very shrewd when dealing with them. Their information is however very reliable.

Request for Quotes from Insurance Companies

The second approach you can use to get WIBA insurance Kenya is to contact as many insurance companies as you can, and then as each company to send you quotes. This approach will give you more insight into the pricing structures of insurance companies and will make it possible for you to have a wide choice.

The obvious problem of this approach is the amount of time you will use to gather contacts, request for quotes, wait for replies, analyze the replies, and make a decision on which WIBA insurance product best suits your needs.


There is a third approach. This approach will give you the advantages of the first two, and will shield you from the downside of both. Insureafrika runs a free quoting service for a wide range of insurance products including WIBA insurance Kenya .

We have a form on our website that allows you to fill in your exact needs and to get a list of quotes that best match your needs. We are able to support you through the entire process, with our resident experts ready to handle any questions or concerns you may have.

You will get a ranked list of WIBA quotes in real time. You can also pay your premiums directly using our services and wait for the delivery of your policy documents at your premises.

We believe that there is no other way to get WIBA insurance quotes in Kenya faster, than using our services.

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